Sandrell Rivers Theater

Moving to the New Normal 2021 Plan

Dear Valued Patrons of Fantasy Theatre Factory at the Sandrell Rivers Theater,

We are excited to share some great news with you FTF's Moving to the New Normal 2021 Plan! Below find some of our policies and practices concerning patron safety.


You can read the complete document in the attachment below.

  1. Tracing:

    1. All patrons have their names, address, and phone numbers collected when purchasing tickets.​ No patrons are given a ticket without this information.

  2. Ticketing:

    1. Physical tickets are not be collected.​​​

  3. Access:

    1. All doors for public access, except for restroom doors, are propped open ensuring no need to touch door handles.

    2. All patrons submit to a forehead temporal scan.

      1. Any patron who refuses or who has a temperature over 99.6° is barred from entry to the facility.

    3. Facial coverings:

      1. Facial coverings are worn in all public common spaces (e.g., lobby, restrooms & concessions).

      2. Facial coverings are not required for:

        1. Children under 2 years old.

        2. Persons who have ​​​​trouble breathing due to a chronic pre-existing condition; persons who are not able to remove face coverings without assistance or on their own.

    4. Patrons must attest that they are feeling well.​​

    5. Restrooms & elevators are restricted to two persons at a time.​

  4. Seating:

    1. ​​Only assigned seating is available for events.​​​​

    2. Only parties of up to 10 people are allowed.

  5. Live performances:​

    1. A 10-ft distance between the performer and audience is mandated.​

  6. Cleaning:

    1. Frequent cleaning and disinfection is conducted during and after patrons and performers use the space.​

  7. Staff:​

    1. All staff members wear KN95 masks.​

    2. Front of House staff wears latex gloves when interacting with patrons.

    3. All employees wash/sanitize their hands frequently.

    4. Employees are not be permitted to shake hands, hug or otherwise physically engage with patrons or other employees except in instances where such contact is absolutely necessary (ex.: to provide emergency medical attention to a patron who needs defibrillation, who is choking, who has fallen and who has requested assistance in getting back up, etc.).

This plan changes/updates to conform to all new State, County and City Regulations as

Please feel free to contact Fantasy Theatre Factory at 305-284-8800 regarding any questions related to our events.